Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Going Unpluged

First, let me start with what this Blog will be about...NOTHING! 

You heard me correctly. It'll be my take on that TV show that everyone loved and that made one comedian very rich and  happy as well [at least I assume], man. You do know who I'm talking about, right?!


Here I'm gonna be myself. Warts and all. If you stumble on in, look around, say hi if you want, join in the conversation or just run off [hey! I do it all the time!] whatever the mood strikes.

My life is filled with routine, most of the time, but on occasion there will be drama, comedy of errors and romance of a couple married for twelve years [but who's counting?!], so in essence  just one boring day after another!

So, sit back, pick your poison as I take you [or leave you] behind, my life life as it is, as I want it to be...

Let me pick a topic for today...HOLIDAYS...

I really, really love them. I have so much fun decorating, cooking and shopping. I never shop on Black Friday, but rather I wait until it snows. Somehow the snow makes it all fun and much more exciting ... I love it when it snows [DH hates it, because he's got to clean it; I never participate in that, God forbid I get any exercise!].

Christmas cards are another thing I love about Christmas. I love sending them and getting them. I keep them all. I have boxes full of them and love looking at them and going over them...same with Christmas ornaments...Our Christmas tree [we actually have three, through out the house] is full of ornaments that tell the story of our Christmases past. As we're decorating, we recollect when and where we bought them or who gave them to us. It always brings fond memories. Always.

And then, there are times when I hate them...well not so much the Holidays, but when I have to keep my mouth shut [so as not to offend the guilty parties] when for some reason the children I brought up choose to spend the Holidays with their Father, their In-Laws and their '__________' fill in the blank, and put me, the woman that gave them life, at the bottom of the list! What the fuck?! For years I've just kept my mouth shot! No more! I'm done with this crap! I'm opening my big mouth and putting them on notice! This year [starting with Christmas, as Thanksgiving just passed] I want to be first! Let the others be second and third and last...See how they feel!

What about you? Got something to get off your chest in regards to Holidays? Feel free to share and commiserate! 

For all that stop by, I want to wish the best for Christmas and New Year! 
May God Bless you and yours! And for those that don't celebrate Christmas, well Happy '__________' fill in the blank!

'Till next time, take care o'you!