About Me

Daughter; Step-Daughter; Wife; Lover; Mother; Mother-In-Law and Me....Me...ME!

I've lived [so far] fifty-five years and they have been mostly, happy.

If you've seen that movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' you've seen my early life, except the word 'Greek' should say 'Serbian'.

I've come a long way since then, Baby!

On my second marriage [if this one doesn't work out, then I'll have no one to blame but myself, just putting it out there] to a man that should be sainted as I keep putting him through one obstacle after another; two kids on their own, one married and one living with 'significant other'; cat-lady to two misfits, Zakk & Phoebe, who I adore!

Avid reader [romance novels mostly]; Blogger at b2b [where I review books and host authors]; Gardner [my green thumb was inherited from my mom]; Interior Designer [decorator of private spaces];  and Office Manager are some of the words that describe just some of my passions....

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